The Lukewarm Church

I often wonder how the Western church would react if Ezekiel, Isaiah, John the Baptist or even Jesus were standing to preach in the pulpit. 

Just looking at the strong reaction to Paul Washer’s preaching of SOUND DOCTRINE makes people go crazy! I’ve seen some people say he preaches hate… no no no my friend, he preaches the Bible! 

If Ezekiel were to preach to the Western Church he would be slammed as a hater, as a discriminater and someone who isn’t of God. Saints, even Jesus spoke hard words! Jesus was not a politically correct wimp. He got up in people’s grills when it was necessary & in an act of discernment when it was appropriate to lead them to salvation. Jesus said such controversial things- He called the religious leaders a bunch of snakes! Please don’t misunderstand, Jesus was the most loving person. 
2 Timothy chapter 3 is absolutely astounding. It’s incredible how much it matches to the Western Church and Western Society. 

I’m coming to realise that there is an equal need for the gospel inside AND outside the church. People have ‘itching ears’ as the Bible puts it who only hear what they want to hear and read what they want to read. They twist the Lord’s words and in doing so deceive themselves and deceive others! Saints, this is purely an act of the blind leading the blind. I’m grieved to see so many Australian ‘Christian’ ministers who CLEARLY don’t know the Bible! It’s shocking! It’s deceptive and it’s wrong. Why? Because they’re playing with eternity. They’re playing with souls! Jesus came to save and not to condemn! He also came to shed and spread light and truth! I believe we will see revival in Jesus’ name in Australia in the next decade. BUT HOW LONG O Saints will you remain in your deceptive ways? How long will you lie & disagree with God? How many people will die in their sin before knowing the truth?

Saints, this is a call for discernment and humility. I’m trying my best to be unhypocritical- I too used to be deceptive about the word of God. But it’s time you put your own opinions and thoughts down and listen to God. Work through God’s side. Discern His thoughts, ask Him for sensitivity. 

Neutrality is another feature of being lukewarm. Saints! The fence belongs to the devil! You cannot be neutral. God’s side is always good, always pure and always righteous. I see too many christians say ‘Oh, I don’t have an opinion’, or ‘Oh, I’m neutral on that topic’ when asked directly for their opinion. It’s time the Saints crawl out of their hidey-holes and stand for truth! Stand for JESUS! Get on FIRE for Christ! There is a dying, dark world out there and God wants to set you alight for Him that He may be seen!!! 

Saints, it is an uncomfortable road, yes, but if the world hates you know that it hated Jesus first. If the world loves you as it’s own then you belong to it – John 15:19. Christ has bought your citizenship in Heaven! You’re freely part of the Kingdom. You are equipped with all strength, power and protection against the forces of darkness to live for CHRIST! 

Now, lastly, if you’re one of those who preach love all the time and want to love on everyone, let me tell you why it is love to preach sound doctrine and what the Bible says. On the judgement day, when the saved or separated from the unsaved, I would be agonised to see a single person whose path I crossed in the unsaved side standing there because I did not tell them the truth. I would be agonised that I did not educate them about eternity, about Jesus and about salvation. Saints, this life is nothing. This life is but a vapour. What are you going to do with it? How many people are you letting slip on the road to destruction? 
I know this also is a hard message but I tell you because I want you to be on fire for Christ! I want you to be a warrior for truth, for Jesus and for righteousness! I want you to live exactly as God has planned that He may use you to lead others to Him! There’s plenty of time for other things when we get to Heaven. Don’t waste your time. Don’t be lukewarm.   
Lastly lastly, I have met incredible men and women of God who have spent hours upon hours in prayer, in the Word, in worship and in Church. One stands out to me who prayed for so long and read the Bible for so long he slept every 2-3 days but was perfectly healthy because the strength of God is REAL! Oh Lord I pray I too can have your strength to spend time with you like that. I’ve met people who have been to church services that went all day! YET SOME PEOPLE CAN BARELY WITHSTAND A 40 MINUTE SERMON! I’ve met pastors who care more about their calory intake than Christ! I’ve met some that sit on their couch after church and eagerly await watching a wordly movie when the visitors leave! I’ve met youth leaders who care more about their own image and appearance than their ministry! All of that is in vain! The only work that lasts is that which is for Christ! Saints! Are you cold? Where is your passion? CHRIST has incredible passion for you! Saints it grieves me to see such weakness in the church. 
Passion isn’t something you can fake. It’s not something that you can quick-fix. It’s not a knowledge issue, it’s a heart issue. Get into the word of  God & just. spend. time. God wants your ears! God wants your everything! You owe Him much more than that! Christ has paid it all! Christ has washed you clean. Christ will fan the flame in you. Receive the fire in Jesus’ name! 
Peace and freedom to you in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour,

Priscilla xo 

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