The Day God Sent Me a Nude

So, in church today, I was very pleased with myself that I managed to pull together a super cute and modest outfit. The only skin showing were my calves, hands, neck and face. As I was worshipping the Lord, God showed me an image for a split second. It was an image of myself exposed in my undergarments. It felt so real I had to look down and make sure I hadn’t absent-mindedly removed my clothing. Thanks be to God that I hadn’t! I love how exciting God makes my life, haha!

In that momentary vision, God showed me that no matter what face I show the world, no matter how I dress or conduct myself or no matter what I choose to do, God sees my heart. 

Before Him, I am totally exposed. God sees every motive, every scar, every wound, every flaw, every weakness, desire, strength, plans, worries, everything. God sees it all. God has an intensely personal interest in you. A fierce love for YOU. God knows you better than you know yourself. God wants to be intimately acquainted with you.

Today He wants to invite you into close, rich and divine communion with Him. He wants relationship. He wants your ears. He wants your time. He wants you to hear the messages He’s trying to communicate. That’s what a relationship entails: communication. Keep chatting to God. Confess your sins, worries, doubts to God. When you’re upset, tell God about it and ask for grace/patience/forgiveness! Jesus is the best BFF. He’ll always give you the right, honest, godly advice. He always has the best in mind for you for Kingdom purposes. He is always there for comfort- no matter the hour of the night. He knows you so well that He knows the exact encouragement you need to receive. & He’s so good and so gracious that He gives it. So open your bibles! Read His words and get to know Him! Open your mouths and speak to the Most High God. Lastly, open your ears to listen. Open your heart to understanding. Honour the Holy Spirit and ask for these things.


You are intimately known and fiercely loved x




Your Word says that you look at my heart. So search me, O God, and let the thoughts of my mind and meditations of my heart be pleasing to you. Convict me of my straying thoughts and actions, and lead me in the way of everlasting. Jesus, come close to me. I open my heart to you now. Guide me in your word. Holy Spirit, I honour You. Teach me Your ways. Heal my wounds. Thank you that you see my heart and you know me more than anyone else. Burn my heart with your truth. In Your mighty name, amen.

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