Male Modesty

Modest is Hottest!

People, please leave something to the imagination! Gentlemen, I’m looking at you too!
I was recently at the beach and thinking about this. I would never go to a public swimming area wearing a bikini, so I was thinking about the equivalence of this in the male spectrum.

When considering modesty, why is it unacceptable for ladies to wear a bikini but perfectly fine for a man to wear nothing but shorts?
Gents, you’re almost naked if you just wear shorts. There’s nearly nothing to the imagination. Especially if those shorts are mid-thigh length or less. Buddy, that’s too much skin.

I encourage you dudes to be modest as well! Wear a shirt for goodness’ sake! It’s a practical and logical solution because then you won’t get sunburned either! AND you will be honouring God with your body. Win-win situation. I know it might be a bit weird to wear shorts and a shirt, but guys who do this, I totally respect and admire your courage.
Modesty is definitely the ‘hottest’ dressing style. Why? Because it’s a reflection of character. It’s a reflection of ones desire to be discrete and to protect their own and others’ purity, and ultimately, it pleases the Lord to be humble and conservative.

Another reason why I think modesty in general, not just modesty for guys, is important is because it makes your body so much more special for your future spouse because no one else has had the privilege to gaze upon what God gave ya. (this is biblical in the marriage context!!).


Grace & peace,


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