The Accuser has been Silenced

Past tense. The accuser has been silenced. Not will be. Has been and remains so.

Jesus’ work on the cross is finished. Done. Death is DEFEATED! The grave is defeated! Nothing can thwart the plans of the Most High!

The devil has no place and no right to inflict you- you are a child of God! You’ve got a muddy past but because of Jesus, you are made crystal clear. Pure and blameless before the Lord who is a consuming fire. This burning consuming fire rages on in the Holy Spirit and the more you drink from the well of God’s Word and dwell in His Divine presence, the more Christ-like you become, the more on fire for Jesus you become and the more of you is burned away to allow GOD to come in.

You know, we live in a broken world. I hate this about the church and about myself: we can be so fixated on Jesus but when we go to the shops we don’t directly talk about Jesus and the GOOD NEWS, the One whom we claim to love most. Non-believers (and Christians too) need to know the truth and LIVE according to the truth that THE ACCUSER HAS NO POWER OVER YOU. You don’t have to live in chains, in bondage and suffocating. You don’t have to be walking on the road to hell. There is a far better, an indescribably better option: JESUS.

On judgement day, the accuser will try his best to pry you out of God’s palm by counting off all the things that make you a sinner. But guess what. CHRIST has made you innocent. He’s taken your punishment, those accusations are made redundant because you have been paid for. You have been saved and you are welcomed in Papa’s arms. The accuser has no right to reside in your heart and mind and bully you about your past and bully you into doubting God’s plans and God’s heart for you. Dear beloved, get SOAKED! Get soaked in God’s Word. Get so saturated in Jesus that the Creator is just bursting out of you and you can’t do anything but talk about Him!!! Be bold. Let the Spirit take over and make you bold. Oh Lord, this is my prayer for myself and your beloveds reading this. I bless you with these words and may they come to fruition in His might name for His glory alone.


Grace and peace,

P xo

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