To the Man who has Captured my Heart

My lover and beloved,

Your kindness overwhelms me. The way you love each and every person with incredible love and care overflows my heart and I feel as though I could just melt into a puddle of enamour.

Your words satisfy my spirit like no other.

Your words are pure and true; you never lie and your words are never tainted with condemnation.

You steady me when my own feet falter. It is Yours which I rely upon.

You defend my heart like none other and always have the best in mind for me.

I marvel at the way you give your undivided attention to everyone you love, and that means everyone.

You make me strong. You make me brave. You inspire me. Your wisdom that is collected in your writings reflects your own pure goodness.

I cannot articulate how proud I am to be loved by you and the joy that comes with an understanding of that heavenly knowledge.

My love, it is you who makes men weak at the knees. It is you who forces city walls to crumble and jail cells to shake and open. It is you who resurrects every dead part of my heart and brings healing to my bones.

Your words are sweeter than honey.

I have never felt a love like this before.

You loved me at my darkest and love me still when I am sour. You love me when I fail you and when I disappoint you. And even then you forgive me. I cannot doubt your unfailing love for a moment.

When I am with you I feel unstoppable. Your perfect love casts out all fear. And you are with me always.

I am thankful for the amazing way you love me and everyone else. I feel so special to be the apple of your eye.

Though I completely fall short of everything you give me, you love me still. Deeper than I can even fathom. Thank you.

I can never understand your generousity. You woo me further with every gift you give.

You did not withhold your own Son from me and the world, and I marvel at your kindness.

With arms stretched wide and a grin that stretches wider, you welcome me into your glorious presence every day. All I want is you everyday and the rest of forever. If that is all I get I will be beyond satisfied.

I love the way you listen and the way you’re always there.

Every tear is met with love and comfort. And you hang off every word.

You know me so well and I am so romanced by you. The little things. Yes, the little things you show me that bring joy to my heart and a bounce in my step. The small gifts you give me each day are so sweet. Like the simple pleasure of taking me to a patch of wild flowers and invited me to dance. I can’t get enough of you.

I can’t get enough of the way you love the ones society doesn’t. I love the way you see children with such gentleness. The way you see the ugly in someone yet call it beautiful.

I love the way you paint me pictures. A new one, every day, every hour. All I have to do is look around me. All of creation is your masterpiece.

You are so different from anybody I’ve ever encountered.

I am completely swept off my feet by you.

I love you, Jesus.



Your beloved.



“I am my beloved’s and His desire is for me” Song of Songs 7:10.


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